Police Department

summerdale policeSummerdale Police Department
James "Jimmy" Davis Jr.
Police Chief
502 W Lee Ave
Summerdale, AL 36580

Phone Numbers:
251-947-4010 – Dispatch

Sex Offender Lookup

Mission & Responsibilities

The Summerdale Police Department has undergone major changes since June of 2011, bringing law enforcement in the Town of Summerdale to a new and more professional level of service to the community we serve. Our goal is not only to provide the best police service possible to our citizens, but to prevent all types of criminal activity. We do this with a very pro-active and aggressive approach to fighting crimes that plaque other Towns and Cities.

Each Summerdale Police Officer receives more than 100 hours of intense and rigorous law enforcement training annually. The training our officers receive and the professional standards set-forth here are second to none.

The Summerdale Police Department’s commitment to our citizens and the Community Policing Program currently in-place here has lead to a tremendous reduction in all crimes within the 42 square-mile area we provide police services to.

The SPD Community Policing Programs and other programs recently initiated include:
- Received a grant to place a sworn Police Officer in the Summerdale School on a part-time basis for drug/gang/gun educational programs
- Started a professional standards training program within the Summerdale Police Department to ensure that Officers with the Town of Summerdale receive a minimum of 100 training hours each, per-year
- Initiated the Yellow-Dot Safety Program for all citizens within the Town of Summerdale to promote safety and instant notification of next of kin in case of an emergency
- Initiated a Dangerous Drug Awareness Program for the citizens of Summerdale and the school system
- Initiated a Town Crime-Watch Program for the Town of Summerdale to help prevent crimes and to disseminate and receive important information concerning crime and/or drug activity within the community
- Formed a professional Police Reserve and Auxiliary Division to assist the Police Department with additional manpower when needed
- Initiated a Personal and Home Defense Advisory and Training Course, including firearms instruction, for the Town of Summerdale citizens
- Formed a partnership with the U.S. Attorney’s Office and ICE to aid the Summerdale Police Department in investigating and prosecuting serious drug violators who operate within our jurisdiction
- Initiated a program that enables habitual drug/alcohol abusers to obtain free counseling and assistance through several faith-based rehabilitation facilities located throughout Alabama
- Initiated a program for our school children which we call “Breaking the Silence”. This program was designed to help educate adolescent females understand the signs of an abuser and to help prevent domestic violence in future generations
- Through prepared planning and education the overall crime-rate has dropped more than 74% in eighteen months and motor vehicle accidents have dropped 44% during the same time period

Though small in size, the tenacity, level of training and professionalism of our police officers make the Summerdale Police Department one of the best in the State of Alabama and our community one of the safest in America.

Police Department History

The Town of Summerdale was incorporated in 1929. The title of Marshall was used for head of the police department and was only appointed during shipping season. At that time, the railroad ran through town and was used to ship in seed potatoes and agricultural supplies and ship out the harvest of irish potatoes and grain crops. Since incorporation, the police department has grown from one man during shipping season to a department staffed by six sworn officers, one part time sworn officer, and one civilian employee. A reserve program of three reserve officers provides additional support.

The timeline for the police department is as follows:

1928 – 1942
T. P. Lambert 
Town Marshall
1943 – 1948
Ed Grubbs
Town Marshall
1949 – 1951
Mr. Davison
Town Marshall
W. P. Suell
Town Marshall
1953 – 1954
Clif Clopton
Town Marshall - Part Time
1954 – 1955
Mr. Carter
First Full Time Officer
1955 – 1959
Roy Hathcock
Part Time Marshall
1959 – 1960
K. Snyder
Town Marshall
1960 – 1975
Doug White
Police Chief
1975 – 1996
Charles B. Malec
Police Chief
1996 – 2000
Howard King
Police Chief
2000 – 2001
Mike Hall
Police Chief
2001 – 2011
Dwain R. Riebeling
Police Chief
2011 - 2013
Frankie E. Ingram
Police Chief
2013 - Present                        James "Jimmy" Davis Jr Police Chief

Police Department FAQ

1. What is the speed limit on county roads?
Any county-maintained paved road in an unincorporated area of the state has a speed limit of 45 miles per hour unless a different maximum speed is established under authority granted.  If a different maximum speed is granted that speed will be posted.
2. What is Summerdale’s dog complaint ordinance?
Under #152-96, Section 3-3, Running at Large, “No person owning or having charge or custody of any dog shall permit the same to go at large nor shall such dog be permitted upon the streets or public ways. Every person owning or having charge or custody of any dog shall at all times keep such dog confined to the premises of such owner or keeper and shall keep such premises in a clean and sanitary manner to meet the approval of the town, county, and state health departments. Nothing in this section shall prevent the owner of any dog, or other person having such dog in his charge or custody, from allowing such dog to accompany such owner or other person,elsewhere than on the premises on which such dog is regularly kept,provided such dog is on leash or under complete and effective control. Section 3-4, Impounding of Dogs Running at Large, “Any dog allowed to run at large (not being on a leash or subject to full control by owner or keeper) may be taken up and delivered to the Baldwin County Animal Shelter Section 1-7, (a), Noise, It shall be unlawful for the owner or other person in charge of any dog to suffer or permit the loud and frequent or continued barking, howling, or yelping of such dog, as to annoy and disturb any person or neighborhood.  (b), No person shall keep any other animal or fowl which shall disturb the comfort or rest of any person in the vicinity with frequent or long-continued noises. This ordinance also covers other animals that: Section 2-1, (a), Prohibited, “It shall be unlawful for any hog, sheep, goat, bull, horse, calf, cow or other domestic animal, exclusive of cats, of like kind to run at large. (b), It shall be unlawful for any person to allow any fowl, chickens, guineas, turkeys, homing pigeons, rea, ostrich, or peacocks to run at large. For more on this ordinance, contact Town Hall at (251) 989-6202 or the Police Department at (251) 989-7777.
3. What is Summerdale’s Junk Car Ordinance?
It shall be unlawful to keep, store, deposit, or place in the open, public or private property a dismantled, unserviceable, junked, or abandoned vehicle.  If an officer puts an orange sticker on an out of compliance vehicle, the vehicle will need to be moved within 30 days or owner will be summonsed to court and could be fined. For more on this ordinance, contact Town Hall at (251) 989-6202 or the Police Department at (251) 989-7777.
4. What is Summerdale’s Tall Grass or Weeds Ordinance?
Section 2, “Every person owning or having in charge any premises in the City of Summerdale, or its police jurisdiction, shall keep the same free of any growth of weeds favorable to the harboring of mosquitoes or other insects of like kind, and every such growth of weeds is hereby declared to be a nuisance. Section 3, Any growth of weeds more than one foot in height shall be deemed favorable to the harboring of mosquitoes or insects of like kind. For more on this ordinance, contact Town Hall at (251) 989-6202 or the Police Department at (251) 989-7777.